GROOP - Belly II Lathe 7"
GROOP - Belly II Lathe 7"

GROOP - Belly II Lathe 7"

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Something new from GROOP

GROOP is a super group of sorts... brewing in the LA cauldron of underground psych 

This lathe contains a non-album live recording from the band. 

GROOP and their upcoming debut double LP, will be co-released with our friends Mock Records in 2022. 

This lathe was made to commemorate the bands 2022 LA live residency @ Zebulon. A total of 50 were created.

More GROOP news to come... Stay Tuned  

Bert Hoover
Baby Gabe
Shaughnessy Starr
Louis Cohen
Anna Wallace
Edgar Mendoza
James Novick


LATHE CUTS: Please understand that lathe cuts are NOT pressed records... they are made one at a time, in real time, using a DIY and experimental process. The volume and fidelity is somewhat lower than a pressed record. However, each is tested before it leaves, so they should all be listenable and sound pretty good considering the details of their birth. Lathe Cuts will have more surface noise than a pressed record and are lower fidelity. 

All Sales Are Final

GWY-081 // MCK-054